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Smart Puppy


Train your dog with the smart pet tag ™


One product, several features

Smart Puppy ® is a smart tag to hang on your dog's collar.
Connected to your smartphone, thanks to the application provided, its main functions are:


Alert as soon as your dog moves away

Set a security zone around you. A notification will let you know if your dog is coming out of it and you will be able to determine its position.


Location through community

If your dog goes too far, ask the community for help finding it. When a member is close to your dog, you are notified of his location.


Dog training in a fun way

Strengthen the relationship you have with your dog through effective training techniques available on our application.

Discover the Smart Puppy tag


Bluetooth Smart


Lightness and comfortable

Battery life

Up to 2 years of battery life

Long range

Locate your puppy up to 150 meters outside

The Smart Pet Tag ™

Shock and splash resistant


100% French design


Removable and replaceable battery


Non-harmful sound frequencies

Height 51 mm (2 ”)
Width 37 mm (1.46 “)
Depth 10 mm (0,39 ”)
Weight 15 g (0,53 oz)
Battery Replaceable battery CR2032
Battery life Up to 2 years (depending on usage)
Range Up to 150 meters (outside, and depending on your smartphone’s performance)
Signal amplifier Built-in
Connectivity Bluetooth®
Compatibility Android smartphone (version 4.3 or higher)
Features Automatic detection when the product is out of range, built-in indicator light, buzzer 75dB, the transmitted signal can be adjusted (to optimize the battery), secure connection with your smartphone, push-button…

Produced by :


Included services


Home delivery


Secure online payment


2-year warranty


Product customization


Charitable giving


Exclusive dog training videos

Joining the Smart Puppy community is:

– Being able to keep an eye on its dog
– Be warned about unusual movements
– Be part of a self-help system

Premium subscription (included the 1st year):

– Training courses with video tips
– Access to the latest news (update of the product)

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Have peace of mind:

With the Smart Puppy tag, you no longer need to run after your dog. It will be able to take full advantage of his freedom, and you will be able to locate it in case of need. Result: a happy owner and a happy dog.


“My dog is my companion, he shares my life and that of the whole family. We want the best for him so that he is as happy as we are in his company. Thanks to the smart pet tag we are reassured on a daily basis about its proximity and its security.” Katherine, 36 years old.



Like most pets, dogs usually live with a clearly determined routine with which they feel comfortable. This regular rhythm, which varies from one home to another, determines the animal's daily life and its well-being. Thus, when a change of family home is taking place, the dog's routines will be upset and the stress it places on him may make him react in strange ways. The dog will be anxious, won't understand what's going on and may even be worrying if he's going to see his master again.

Later on, the stress might cause problems with the dog's obedience especially once the move to a new home has been made. In an attempt to avoid these issues it's always advisable to do some advance preparation. Keep the dog away from the bustle of packing by making it comfortable in an already emptied room leaving him with just his bed, some water, a couple of bones and his favorite toys. Once these precautions have been made, then it will be necessary to think about training the dog so that a change of environment doesn't unduly disrupt his behavior. This training should take the same course that would be followed for any change occurring in the home, such as the arrival of a new family member. Everyone will benefit if the changes in a dog's living environment are preceded and followed by a few well-chosen training strategies.

Find all our training tips with the smart pet tag ™...

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