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Brushing a dog may seem trivial: but it is an action that’s just as essential and important as proper nutrition and physical exercise. It provides an opportunity for devoting time to the animal, for taking care of all its body areas, and for getting him used to different forms of contact that he might not always like! How should we carry out this grooming ritual so that it benefits both dog and master?

Maintenance and grooming

The main reasons for brushing a dog are to rid its coat of dirt and dead hair, to untangle any wadded or knotted fur, and to make the coat shine. A brushed dog is a beautiful dog, a dog that is brushed regularly becomes even more beautiful. The key to successful grooming is to carry it out regularly while adapting the ritual to the seasons and using the right equipment for different types of dog. A metallic comb is very effective for untangling long hair and a curry comb is needed for reaching the undercoat while a small soft bristle brush is fine for short haired dogs or animals with bald patches and sensitive skin. And for real beauty: nothing beats a regular session with a professional and expert groomer.

Controlling and Preventing

Grooming provides a chance for checking out the condition of the dog’s skin and its joints: it acts as a type of manual scanner, which if carried out conscientiously and meticulously makes it possible to detect ticks, injuries, and joint sensitivities. This then means that action can be taken quickly to remedy the problem. Regular brushing guarantees the prevention of parasitic diseases while letting osteoarthritis and cysts be discovered early enough for effective treatment.

Love and Training

Finally and most importantly, brushing is a way of connecting with the dog: the most important thing a dog wants is its master’s attention. Brushing is a way of communicating with the animal while analyzing its reaction to different types of brushes or the effect of brushing on delicate areas. Getting the animal used to brushing reinforces the dog’s training and his interaction with humans as well as being beneficial to its physical well-being. Brushing, when done gently with care, provides a really beneficial massage for the dog. At first and if necessary, it can be carried out while the dog wears a muzzle especially if it is a fearful or aggressive animal. This will gradually sensitize the dog to physical contact. It’s all about reading the situation and being patient.

The secret to properly and successfully brushing a dog, then, rests on a regular routine, meticulous care, and the right tools: a gentle and sure hand and a well-meant intention provide the basis of a grooming ritual carried out with love.

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